How We Work

TasHeel’s IT infrastructure has grown from the scattered, standalone computing and physical archiving system to a most modern and centralized network using digital imaging and archiving system. The application provides information online to all affiliates. (Umrah Operators, Ministry of Haj and other Government agencies).

Arrival Procedures:

  • Welcoming and greeting the pilgrims with smile
  • Special assistance to the old aged and disabled pilgrims
  • Pilgrims visas are scanned electronically at the arrival port and the captured images are uploaded to the TasHeel portal for the use of Government agencies and Umra Operators
  • Ensuring each pilgrim hold identification bracelets
  • Electronic bar code reading of the bracelets for each pilgrim
  • Ensuring the pilgrim information is pasted on the backside of the passport
  • Guiding of pilgrims to their respective transportation point
  • Ensuring all pilgrims are boarded along with their passport and luggage
  • Advising the pilgrims to keep safe the passports, ID and luggage
  • In absence of any services by the Umra Operator, notify it to the Haj Ministry and providing the alternate arrangements.
  • Ensure that the means of transport type (Bus or Private Car)
  • Checking the details of the transportation company
  • Guiding the pilgrims to their respective buses or car
  • Boarding of pilgrims with their belongings
  • Ensure that the buses depart within 30mins of boarding of pilgrims

Departure Procedures:

  • Ensuring the availability of data 24 hours prior to departure date
  • Carrier & Flight number
  • Date and time of the trip
  • Port and point of departure
  • Ensure the availability of indicative panels on the front and sides of the bus, explaining the port of departure
  • Instruct pilgrims to the respective counters
  • Follow-up of pilgrims through check in formalities
  • Ensure the pilgrims pass through the immigration to the departure area